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Mix it Up: Remixed [edit]
by Jump5 | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: April 06, 2004

The energetic dream-teens keep their momentum going with their release Mix It Up, featuring a remake of the infectious pop hit "Walking on Sunshine". Fans will love this new CD of all their favorite Jump5 songs with a new twist!

Track Listing
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01. Start Jumpin' (Double Dutch Remix)
02. Wonderful (Chunky Style)
03. Pressure (Berlin Mix)
04. Messing With Me
05. Do Ya (Rec Room Mix)
06. Spinnin' Around (Whirlwind Mix)
07. All I Can Do (Historemix)
08. Throw Your Hands Up (Rec Room Mix)
09. Beat Box Session
10. Joyride (Great People Remix)
11. Why Do I Do (Bestes Remix)
12. We Are Family (Ghostmix)
13. Celebration (Original Production)
25. Spinnin' Around Scat

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Jump5's Only Remix Album: Mix it Up | Posted January 14, 2013
When it comes to this Album, Mix it Up with Jump5: Remixed. is a little different when it comes to Jump5's career, because This was just a Remix Album. But when it comes to all of the remixes, no matter what song, you listen to on the album, it gives you the chance just to get up and dance to all of their songs. and because of their Start Dancin' with Jump5 DVD, you can really get up and dance to most of these songs even though they are remixed and dont go at the same pace of the original songs. it is still an awesome remix album just to get up and dance to. I can't say that I have any favorites without telling you that I Love the ENTIRE ALBUM. The entire Album was definitely produced and remixed to the best of the ability of the Producers and mixers on this album. A++ For Jump5 and their Recording Team.

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Awesome Album | Posted November 20, 2009
I Love all of the Remixes on this Album! They're All UpBeat and just overall Awesome! And Yes Libby is in this Album. This was her very lagst Album with Jump5!

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no thanks | Posted October 08, 2008
don't care for the remixes...........

oh well.................

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hmmm | Posted January 23, 2008
Does this have Libby in it? I've never heard it.

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