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Sunny Days [edit]
by Tammy Trent | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: August 06, 2013

Beneath her youthful exterior and fresh-faced exuberance, Tammy is a focused recording artist, author and speaker who knows exactly what she wants to say. She creates music that serves as a personal conduit for those seeking to worship & experience a relationship with God and also wants to remind others of God's desire to reach them.

Tammy returns in July 2013 with her highly anticipated studio release in almost 5 years and shines brighter than ever. "This musical offering has brought me to the most beautiful season yet on my personal journey from love to loss and into a deep understanding of God's faithful commitment to us through life's growing moments." Her new album, SUNNY DAYS, is packed with infectious melodies and is lyrically covered with the promises of Hope. Trent, who co-wrote 8 of the 10 songs says, "Although this is my sixth studio record, it's the first album that I can say is completely true to me from beginning to end! Every side of me. I love to worship and I love to dance and I'm still over the moon excited about sharing my faith and hope with those that feel like leaning in for a listen."

Since 1995, Trent has been a familiar voice on Christian radio with a string of hits, including "Your Love Is 4 Always" "My Irreplaceable" and "Welcome Home." She stepped away from the spotlight in 2001 after the tragic death of her husband in a free diving accident, returning as a featured speaker and performer at Women Of Faith conferences in 2003. Trent spent four years with Women of Faith and was also a featured speaker and performer on the organizations's Revolve Tour for teen girls, for two years.

Tammy's dedication to the ministry was recognized in November 2009 & again in 2010 when the Christian Music Hall of Fame handed her the award for Inspirational Female Vocalist of the Year!

She is also the author of Learning To Breathe Again: Choosing Life and Finding Hope After A Shattering Loss (W Publishing), Beyond The Sorrow: There's Hope in the Promises of God (J. Countryman), and she co-penned the hilarious & brilliantly illustrated Children's Potty Training book The Log Family: See You at the Beach (September Day) with her late husband Trent Lenderink who sadly never got to see his work completed.

Read more about her life and ministry at

Track Listing
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01. Sunny Days
02. Glow in the Dark
03. We're Letting Go
04. Welcome Home
05. You'll Come
06. Fall At Your Feet
07. Your Grace is Enough
08. I'm Running
09. Stronger Now
10. Don't Let Him Be the Last to Know

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Dawno (58)
Rated 4 Stars

Soaking Up the Son | Posted August 06, 2013
Tammy Trent has weathered more than her share of life's storms. On Sept. 10, 2001, her husband was lost in a diving accident while the two were vacationing in Jamaica. It was not until the next morning that his body was found. 

After having her husband's death confirmed, Tammy soon got word about the terrorist attacks back home. She found herself suddenly widowed, her world turned upside-down. And because all flights were grounded, Tammy was temporarily stranded in Jamaica with only her father-in-law for comfort.

God is faithful through the good times and the bad. So on Sunny Days, her sixth album, Tammy Trent celebrates the promise she now wears tattooed on her wrist, Jeremiah 29:11: "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

The record begins with a carefree summer soundtrack, "Sunny Days." Replete with dance beats, electronic sounds, and a brief rap break, the song finds Tammy at the beach where everything is blue skies and sunshine. She happily basks: "I'm grateful the storm is at an end / and I'll have sunny days." The song acknowledges that joy comes from God who sees us through the rough spots: "Favorite song's on the radio / and it makes me think of You / How You never let me go / always carry me through / ‘til I see sunny days."

The tempo remains upbeat with "Glow in the Dark," a reminder that hope is never lost, that we are never alone. Tammy announces, "I want you to know that you glow in the dark / He is the Life bringing light to your heart / A fire can burn, all it takes is a spark."

"We're Letting Go" is full-on dance party! Turn the music up, leave fear and worry behind, and get on the dance floor. The message: Trust that God is in control and live with abandon, celebrating the freedom He provides.

Next up, Tammy slows things down a tick by reprising "Welcome Home," a song from her 1997 album, You Have My Heart. In its updated clothes, the song not only fits nicely on this vibrant project, it's an album highlight. Tammy shines on the hopeful story of a returning prodigal. Think Point of Grace with a beat.

The next segment of the record is devoted to worship. First up, a faithful cover of Hillsong United's "You'll Come," originally sung by Brooke Fraser. Although Tammy's performance is earnest and emotive, the hookier, more spirited "Fall At Your Feet" that follows is more effective and more suited to the overall sound of the record. In fact, the track is so strong, that "Your Grace Is Enough For Me" suffers slightly by comparison. While Tammy's vocal is powerful and pretty, the song is unfortunately hindered by the distracting beat. What could have been a breathtaking worship moment is undermined by the production.

It's back the party as the CD returns to form with "I'm Running," a straight-ahead dance pop love song to the Savior. There is an unfettered musical energy that captures the essence of the lyric: "So I'm running straight to You / with all my broken pieces / The fact is I'm on empty / if Your love does not consume me."

Tammy mines musical gold on her autobiographical testimony to God's faithfulness, "Stronger Now." The chorus is as undeniably catchy as its message is comforting: "You are here / and I'm stronger now / No more fear / I've finally found ... / a safe place to fall." How terrific to hear a song about Godly empowerment! Many will be encouraged by Tammy's impassioned, resolved profession of her safety and strength in Jesus.

The album closes with the breezy "Don't Let Him Be The Last To Know." It's a fine bookend to the album opener. You can imagine that the sunny day has come to an end and our protagonist has become thoughtfully somber: "When the day succumbs to night / and when the clouds come seal the light / and when you're down and feeling low / Don't let Him be the last to know." Tammy encourages us to take our troubles directly to Jesus, "When lack of faith becomes your foe / promise He'll be the first to know." Tammy sparkles on this well-written, straightforward number.

Closing Thoughts:
Tammy Trent's recording career began in 1995, and most of her work to date could be categorized squarely in the adult contemporary genre. So listeners may be surprised to hear that her latest release, Sunny Days, is unabashedly pop, closer to Brit Nicole than Point of Grace. Having written eight of the ten tracks, the album is fiercely personal for Tammy. She has translated her experiences into hopeful, high-energy songs that confidently point to a loving God who is always able to carry us through life's storms into sunny days. Now, let's hold tightly to that promise, turn on the music, and dance our cares away!

Song To Download Now: 
"I'm Running" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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SO great | Posted August 02, 2013
I am glad  she is back, she has an amazing voice and is so very rare and unique, and will fit in so perfect with what is going on in the music scene today. Her music is changing and will inpact many. 

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rs41js44 (11)
Rated 2.5 Stars

Sunny Days | Posted August 02, 2013
Mostly upbeat pop music that is worshipful and expressing a dependence on God's mercy and His ability to lift us out of the depths that our pain and hurt can take us to. The lyrical theme is hope and restoration due to God's faithfulness to us.

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Kayle (7)
Rated 4 Stars

You have yourself a new fan! | Posted August 01, 2013
 This is my first time listening to Tammy Trent and I love her style. Not only is the album catchy, but each song has its own style and beat that I can easily find myself dancing to! I think anyone who enjoys up-beat music would like this album, seeing that I myself enjoy up-beat music.

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Good | Posted July 31, 2013
 This is such an awesome album. I remember hearing it for the first time. It will always be a part of me and I'll never forget it ever. I love good music and good music seems to love me. Rock on and keep it up!

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ofytube (162)
Rated 3.5 Stars

Sunny Days | Posted July 30, 2013
This new release by Tammy Trent is the 1st in five years. To the fans of Ms. Trent it will make their days more sunny!

The enthusiastic lyrics and harmonies of the Contemporary Pop of Tammy will make you dance, sing and praise.

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Danceable, Worshipful and Encouraging | Posted July 30, 2013
Tammy Trent's Sunny Days, is all it suggest and more! Imaging a dance party where God almighty receives all the glory and the participants are being lifted up in their spirits and their bobies are sweating off all the cares of this world! Dance revival!

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