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I Want To Be A Clone [edit]
by Steve Taylor | Genre: Alternative | Release Date: January 25, 1982

I Want to Be a Clone is the title of the debut EP by singer/songwriter Steve Taylor.

After hearing this album, author Francis Schaeffer wrote the following to Steve; "The combination of music and lyrics really works on a very high level, and the message, therefore, comes across with real the light of the gifts that the Lord has so obviously given you, and which you obviously developed with care and hard work, I do urge you with all my heart to press on. You are really doing something marvelously worthwhile. I must say the words really cut a wide swath in the need in the church today."


The All Music Guide says:
With his debut EP, I Want to Be a Clone, Steve Taylor brought Devo and the B-52's to Christian music. Quirky post-punk rhythms and trendy early-'80s melodies are the foundation of this groundbreaking, highly political EP " and political is the operative word here. With one exception, these are not songs of sin and salvation; these songs are an often biting critique of the Church itself " largely focusing on evangelical Christians' tolerance of liberal ideas. The strongest example of this is "Whatever Happened to Sin?," which specifically attacks the acceptance of both abortion and homosexuality in Christianity. Funny too, since the title track is a critique against homogeneity in the Church. Musically, this is an incredibly innovative recording " especially for the Christian market. There are not many albums out there that have this kind of sound with such a right-wing political stance.

Track Listing  
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01. Steeplechase
02. I Want To Be A Clone
03. What Ever Happened To Sin?
04. Written Guarantee
05. Bad Rap (Who You Tryin To Kid Kid?)
06. Whatcha Gonna To Do When Your Numbers Up?

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