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Lost In The Sound Of Seperation: Special Edition (CD/DVD) by Underoath  | CD Reviews And Information |

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Lost In The Sound Of Seperation: Special Edition (CD/DVD) [edit]
by Underoath | Genre: Hard Rock | Release Date: September 02, 2008

the sixth studio album by 4 fourth on Solid State.Guitarist Timothy McTague has said that the forthcoming album will be considerably heavier than Define the Great Line. The band recently spoke to MTV News about the effort, saying it would feature 11 songs that total around 42 minutes.[4] As of June 8, 2008, the record is completely finished, according to McTague. The upcoming release was told to be a lot "heavier" and "darker" than the 2006 release, Define the Great Line. A a handful of people from MTV were the first to get a listen to some of the upcoming songs. It was then reviewed afterward that: "Several of the songs were anthemic, feedback-filled numbers that build slowly to their thunderous, ear-splitting crescendos."


Track Listing  
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01. Breathing In A New Mentality
02. Anyone Can Dig A Hole But It Takes A Real Man To Call It Home
03. A Faultline A Fault Of Mine
04. Emergency Broadcast :: The End Is Near
05. The Only Survivor Was Maracuosly Unharmed
06. We Are The Involuntary
07. The Created Void
08. Coming Down Is Calming Down
09. Desperate Times, Desperate Measures
10. Too Bright To See Too Loud To Hear
11. Desolate Earth :: The End Is Here

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Rated 5 Stars

I don't know what to say, other than wow! ... | Posted September 01, 2008
A simply amazing album! The style is similar to that of Define The Great Line, but not entirely the same thing. The lyrics are great, the music is great, turn up the volume and it's amazing. The vocals took a new approach, if you watch the DVD portion on the special and deluxe editions, they explain a bit of a new approach, where they actually put mics down the hall from where they were singing. Which is a rather interesting technique that proved to work rather well. The keys have a more noticeable part and Chris Dudley had much more time to develop and write the keys parts. Over all this is an absolutely amazing album, that I highly recommend. If you don't like the heavier stuff, you still might appreciate the last two songs on the album, which have very little screaming, but great musical parts and lyrics! I really can't find the correct words to express my opinion but it is what it is, and I would definitely say it's an awesome album from beginning to end.

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