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Daughtry: Deluxe Edition [edit]
by Daughtry | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: September 09, 2008

This deluxe re-release of Daughtry's 4x Platinum debut album includes four exclusive bonus tracks!

Track Listing
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01. It's Not Over
02. Used To
03. Home
04. Over You
05. Crashed
06. Feels Like Tonight
07. What I Want (Feat. Slash on guitar)
08. Breakdown
09. Gone
10. There and Back Again
11. All These Lives
12. What About Now
13. Feels Like the First Time
14. It's Not Over (Live)
15. Home (Acoustic)
16. What About Now (Acoustic)

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"Daughtry" Deluxe Edition - Daughtry | Posted July 07, 2012
 Daughtry is one of the biggest leaders in modern rock in the mainstream section of today's music. He is a former American Idol winner and started  his first album " Daughtry" in 2006 , His sophmore album " Leave This Town" in 2009 and his most recent album " Break The Spell" in 2011. This is the Deluxe edition of Daughtry by Daughtry which includes an acoustic American Idol fan appretiation exclusive of " What About Now"
and 3 more exclusive Deluxe edition tracks like " Feels Like The First time" , " Its Not Over" ( Live) , " Home" ( acoustic version)  It also has a DVD featuring " It's Not Over" music video , " Home" music video , " Over You" music video , " Feels Like Tonight" music video, " What About Now" mvideo. Two live concert preformances of " Breakdown" and " There And Back Again" as well as an exclusive interview. It is also the only album of Daughtry's so far to have 7 radio singles.

Song breakdown and meaning:
1." It's Not Over" - Even despite the struggles that we go through in this world we cannot call it quits despite what we have endured in our lives. We have all messed up and Daughtry personally talks about him messing up with the women he love's and wants to make sure he sets thinks right.  

2. "Used To" - This is a flashback in Daughtry's life reminiscing over the time him and his women had together and the things they had that was theirs. They used to talk and then once they went their seperate ways she was unhappy that she left him. Their love grew stale and lost value.

3." Home" is where he wants to go back where his love and him left off. He is getting bored of doing and seeing the same things happened and regrets leaving his relationship. In a Christian sense we all mess up and then want to come back to God. Sometimes we are not proud of what we have done but it happens.

4. "Over You" - He is moving on in his life and going to find another girl he can have a relationship with.

5. "Crashed" is one of the most personal songs and  to me represents a stage in everyone's life. All of us on this earth are trying to find things to fill our void whether it be wealth , lusts , pleasures or other idols we worship. The world suddenly then pulls us in and we get stuck in Satan's pit of despair. Then once we go through all of these struggles and see everything, it makes sense to us that God was the only thing we were missing. Sometimes it takes us to where we are in such a bad situation in life that nothing can be worse nor hurt us anymore mentally or physically. Crashed is our tendency to look for other things that will fill up our life to keep us happy and sane but in the end it just consumes us in fire and flame.

6. "Feels Like Tonight" is a song that is to represent our broken hearts and the broken hearts of the world whether through relationships we are in our through our relationship with God. This is the transition from sinner to Born again Christian. This is the moment we all begin to find meaning on how our void can only be filled with love and God and nothing else.

7." Breakdown" tells us not to judge other people, tell them lies or lead them astray. In other words, we cannot throw the Gospel down someone's throat and judge their own life. God is the only one that can save us and carry out our plan. Wicked people justify their lies and try to make exceptions to rebuke the Lord and love the works of darkness. Daughtry is saying the wicked will all breakdown once they realize they are going around the bush hiding from their problems by justifying and revolting, twisting words  against what lies in God's word.

"Gone" & "What About Now" are good songs as well, however I have not seen the DVD yet of the music videos and live songs. 

Score: 5/5
Original : 5/5
Creativity: 5/5
Secular music that also works in a Christian market : 5/5
Overall : 5/5  FYI : The extra songs are worth the Deluxe edition purchase , so be sure if you are a hardcore Daughtry fan to pick this Deluxe edition up that also comes in super-sizing packaging.

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amazing album | Posted July 14, 2009
these songs just never get old! feels like tonight is definatly my favorite track off this album. and im definatly startin to love the tracks crashed, gone, and over you more and more every time i listen to them. and of course you cant go wrong with the tracks home and its not over. the track what i want, which features slash, is definatly the one i listen to whenever im in that hardcore rockin mood. but when its time to pull out the slower paced songs, what about now is definatly the one to go to its a great track which really good lyrics too. now the bonus track sorry was actually a disappointment to me i really dont like it that much at all.

It's Not Over: this song was the first radio single produced off this album, and the first music video. this song was kinda overplayed on the radio, but i still enjoy listenin to this great rock song from time to time. the music video for this song too, in my opinion, is pretty darn good.

Used To: this one definitely isnt as popular on the cd's charts but i always like it. its not too hard rock, but its not too slow either, so its kinda for that in between mood.

Home: this song was the second radio single produced off this album and it was made into the second music video. i think it was the most popular song of all. this song is definitely a good slower song and i love the lyrics. this song has those kind of lyrics, that, once you hear them, youll never forget them.

Over You & Crashed: these two songs both have really good driving guitar parts and have been becoming more and more popular from this album as other people actually start to listen to songs other than Home and It's Not Over. these two songs had always been some of my favorite from the beginning.

Feels Like Tonight: after giving the whole cd a listen, this song was officially my FAVORITE TRACK. the song is perfectly balanced with some driving guitar, slower guitar, driving lyrics, and great drums. i love the music video with Chris and his band playing on this huge platform with stadium lights surrounding them and its really cool just to see them play this song.

What I Want: this song is my SECOND FAVORITE TRACK and is definitely the hardest rock song on the album, since it even features slash on the guitar (for those of you who dont know who that is, its the lead guitarist from guns n roses, who are now velvet revolver without axl rose, the lead singer). this song is my second favorite because i love the intensity of the guitar and the powerful lyrics that are really in your face and very memorable.

Breakdown: this song is alright, not as good compared to the other tracks on this album, but definitely a pretty decent song.

Gone: this track seems also to be getting a lot more popular on this album. i really like the lyrics to this song and i think that the guitar style fit this song perfectly.

There And Back Again: this song, like What I Want, has very hardcore driving guitar as well as the great "in your face" lyrics, so listen to this song, and i guarantee it'll take you "There and Back Again!"

What About Now: this track is my THIRD FAVORITE TRACK, and its for those slower times and i think they made a decent music video out of it. the guitar chord composition was done very well and Chris' voice was brought out perfectly in this song.

Feels Like The First Time: This song is a cover of the original song made by an 80s rock band called Foreigner. If I do say so myself, this is a very well done cover. It really feels like Daughtry actually tried to give it some of his own 90s/00s rock personality and it fit perfectly. Well done.

It's Not Over (Live): I would love to be able to hear Daughtry live, which is why i loved this track. You get a feel of what a concert of his would be like and I hope i get to see him myself someday.

Home and What About Now (Acoustics): Both well done acoustic songs that, like the originals themselves, are great slower songs. These would be especially great "fall asleep to" songs. And he balances his voice in perfect harmony and pitch with the acoustic sound. Some bands don't know how to adjust very well when making an acoustic recording, but Daughtry sure does.

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