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War & Remembrance [edit]
by Petra | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: January 01, 1990

There are several official and unofficial compilation albums of Petra. Many fans of Petra have a decided antipathy toward the compilation albums. This is because they feel that the record labels tried to capitalize on the fame of Petra after the band had stopped recording with them. For instance, Petra gained immense popularity in the early nineties. This was the period when Star Song brought out many of their compilation albums from the period that Petra were recording with them. Also, there is a minority of fans who believe that putting Petra songs on compilation albums rids them of their proper place in the transition of songs on the album.

This is a 2 CD set compilation album.

Disc 1
Come And Join Us
Why Should The Father Bother?
Yahweh Love
The Coloring Song
Angel Of Light
Stand Up
Second Wind
More Power To Ya
Road To Zion
Not Of This World
Grave Robber
Not By Sight
Beat The System
Computer Brains

Disc 2
The Praise Medley 8:33
Back To The Street 4:14
Whole World 4:50
Thankful Heart 3:17
This Means War 3:30
Don't Let Your Heart Be Hardened 3:41
Get On Your Knees And Fight Like A Man 4:32
I Am Available 4:27
All Fired Up 4:30
Hit You Where You Live 4:20
First Love 4:10
Parting Thought 1:30

Executive producer
Darrell A. Harris
Release date
Record label
Star Song Records

Track Listing
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01. Come And Join Us
02. Why Should The Father Bother?
03. Yahweh Love
04. The Coloring Song
05. Chameleon
06. Angel Of Light
07. Stand Up
08. Second Wind
09. More Power To Ya
10. Road To Zion
11. Not Of This World
12. Grave Robber
13. Not By Sight
14. Beat The System
15. Computer Brains
16. Clean
17. The Praise Medley
18. Back To The Street
19. Whole World
20. Thankful Heart
21. This Means War
22. Don't Let Your Heart Be Hardened
23. Get On Your Knees And Fight Like A Man
24. I Am Available
25. All Fired Up
26. Hit You Where You Live

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