A Night With Tricia & Melissa Brock Of Superchick
NRT Contributor Kevin Davis shares his thoughts on an acoustic night of worship with Superchick's Tricia and Melissa Brock.

By KevinDavis_NRT

AN EXCLUSIVE NRT CONCERT REPORT, A Night With Tricia & Melissa Brock Of Superchick
Kevin Davis: "The songs on The Road remind us that the pain of this world is temporary and to live for Heaven. Tricia Brock’s acoustic concert was a great night of worship to our amazing God."
In the midst of their successful Music With A Mission headline tour sponsored by, Tricia and Melissa Brock of the band Superchick blessed about 200 members of my church, Calvary Chapel of Quakertown, PA, with an acoustic night of worship on Sunday, September 25, 2011. Tricia Brock recently released her solo worship album The Road, one of my top albums of 2011. She was looking for an opportunity to reach listeners with her music, message and ministry by providing a night of worship. This night was created with Tricia’s fans in mind, providing an intimate night of worship and fellowship with Tricia and her husband Nick Baumhardt, along with her sister and fellow Superchick member Melissa Brock, and a surprise visit from Centricity worship artist Jaime Jamgochian, who played keyboard.
If you’ve always wanted to hear Superchick record a praise and worship album, then don’t miss out on The Road. I’ve always loved listening to Tricia’s singing voice, in particular as she passionately sings the more spiritually themed Superchick songs “We Live,” “Stand In The Rain,” “Beauty From Pain,” “Hero” and “Still Here.” If you like those songs, then you’re in for a real treat with The Road. Tricia didn’t set out to record a worship project, yet she found herself in a spiritual desert in between album recordings. Tricia’s always felt the call to lead worship as she and her sister Melissa were raised in a Christian home. They have experienced their share of adversity and struggles while trying to nourish their faith throughout their teenage years and as members of Superchick for the past thirteen years. 
Here’s my song-by-song description of the concert.
This entire album has songs that bless and heal me as a listener. Tricia began our night of worship by beautifully singing the opening tracks of the album which she co-wrote with Nick, “Breath of God” and “Lean,” which are about learning to rely completely on God’s mercies. “Breath of God” includes the biblical Truth, “Breath of God, You give us life, only You can satisfy.“Lean” has the gorgeous and moving chorus, “So I will lean upon the Cross, I will lean into Your love, Your Spirit’s living in me, So I will lean.” We had the lyrics to the songs and it was awesome to sing these moving and worshipful songs with my wife, three daughters and my church congregation. These songs were meant to be sung in a worship setting. 
Tricia and Melissa shared that they had grown up in a Baptist church and that they loved to sing hymns which led to a stirring rendition of “Jesus I Am Resting, Resting.” The way these sisters’ voices blended was gorgeous. As much as I love hearing them sing rock songs, this acoustic set truly allowed the opportunity to just focus on the words and lift our voices along with them in pure adoration of our Savior, Jesus. Several of her songs get me choked up as I dwelt on God’s tender mercies and her next song was “You Hear,” which was co-written by Nick Baumhardt and Sarah Hart. “You Hear” is one of my favorite songs on the album and has an incredible bridge, “And from the weight of Mercy’s Cross, You whispered words that saved us all, So love could be the only song, You hear, You hear.” As pretty as these songs are to pray and sing along with, they are even more powerful in their worshipful lyrics. Tricia shared that she overslept the morning that she was supposed to write the song but had shared her idea for the song from what she read in a devotional book and that “Nick knew her so well, he wrote exactly what she was thinking.”

Next came one of the more spiritually themed Superchick songs “We Live,” which Melissa introduced to us. The song is a great story-song about how despite all of the tragedies we experience on earth, we can still cry out to God: “We live, we love, we forgive and never give up, ‘cause the days we are given are gifts from above, And today we remember to live and to love.” 
Hit song “You Are My Shepherd,” which was co-written by Jennie Lee Riddle and Jonathan Lee, was next. The song is a great example of the cohesive theme of the album which is about trusting in God’s plans for your life regardless of circumstances. Tricia and Nick shared about walking through the valley that “You Are My Shepherd” references from Psalm 23, having lost their first baby. Tricia recently shared about their loss in her blog post. My wife and I have been blessed with three young daughters. We also lost a baby after our first daughter was born and my heart really goes out to Tricia and Nick and any family who has suffered that pain. This entire album has songs that bless and heal me as a listener. My middle daughter Cassandra, 7, was thrilled and captivated by the piano parts as she’s been taking lessons since she was 4 years old. She came running down the row to me to whisper “I know this song” when the gorgeous piano part started. Afterwards, we were all completely blessed by “The Altar,” which is another stand-out original song co-written by Tricia and Nick along with Jonathan Lee. I love how transparent and vulnerable these songs get, as “The Altar” has a chorus that gets me choked up. We all sang: “Come to this place, Come seek His face, find the hands of forgiveness, Look into the eyes of Grace, run to Redemption, with tears of joy and pain, let fire fall and purify our hearts, come to the altar, come to His arms.” The tears were flowing as I sang this song with all of my heart. If you like stirring, emotional songs like “Blessings” by Laura Story, then you must hear “The Altar.” As the song prayerfully proclaims, “There is no shame in His scars.
The last two songs perfectly closed out the night, starting with the mega-hit Superchick song, “Stand In The Rain,” which was amazing as an acoustic song. Tricia shared that since she and Melissa had spent their entire adult lives in Superchick, they couldn’t have lasted the past 13 years on the road in a rock band without their bond with having each other to lean on as sisters. They said that the song “Stand In The Rain” came at the perfect time for them as artists and has been their anthem ever since. Our entire church congregation was belting out the encouraging chorus in unison: “So stand in the rain, Stand your ground, Stand up when it's all crashing down, You stand through the pain, You won't drown, And one day, what’s lost can be found, You stand in the rain.” That great moment led to the closing worship song “Always,” which was written and also recently recorded by Kristian Stanfill on the Passion: Here For You album. We all stood and proclaimed the bridge which comes right from Psalm 121: “I lift my eyes up, My help comes from the Lord” which flowed perfectly into the worshipful chorus: “Oh my God,  He will not delay, My refuge and strength always, I will not fear, His promise is true, My God will come through always, Always.”  Amen to that!
Produced by her husband Nick Baumhardt (Stellar Kart) in his home studio in Nashville, The Road is a refreshing new take on what we’ve grown to expect when we listen to the voice of Superchick's Tricia Brock. This project is a collection of songs meant to breathe hope and to inspire new life into a battling heart. Tricia wants to share that at times the listener may feel without hope, but there’s no need to fear. Hope, refuge and strength are always with us when we are with God.  The Road by Tricia Brock is my top inspirational worship album of the year! This is the most moving album I’ve heard this year and I can’t get enough of the standout worshipful songs “Breath of God,” “Lean,” “You Hear,” “The Altar,” “Always” and the gorgeous song “You Are My Shepherd.” Do yourself a favor and buy this album immediately. You’ll be refreshed, nourished, encouraged and will ‘lean’ on God for your strength. These songs remind us that the pain of this world is temporary and to live for Heaven. Tricia Brock’s acoustic concert was a great night of worship to our amazing God.

Posted October 04, 2011 | Kevin Davis is a long time fan of Christian music, an avid music collector and credits the message of Christian music for leading him to Christ. Photos courtesy of Mark Scott and Heather Albert.

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