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  • "Battery Music Video" from The Electro-Pop Deluxe
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  • "No Better U" from Forever After
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  • "Not So Average" from V.Rose
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  • "Not So Average Music Video" from The Electro-Pop Deluxe
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    (Wednesday, January 14, 2015)
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    V. Rose was born in Sacramento, CA and began singing at age 6. During her teenage years, she felt the Lord calling her to create relevant, Christcentered music to reach the world, especially her peers. Her mother helped V start her first singing group with her best friend Candice. The duo, known as Harmony, sang everywhere from local churches to major platforms. At the age of 15, V’s manager brought the group to noted producer, ’SPEC’ to produce Harmony’s new album. SPEC fell in love with the girls on the spot. V. Rose, determined to persevere, worked at Jack in the Box to pay for the group’s studio time!
    In 2005, the group disbanded. Not willing to give up on the vision that God gave her and having no other options, V called her producer, SPEC.Before long, V signed a deal with SPECHOUSE MEDIA which assisted her in gaining more exposure-especially in northern California.
    Since then, V.Rose featured on two of FLAME’s songs from the album Captured, including the hit single “Surrender.” V’s voice captivated listeners worldwide with her performance on the single. Shortly after, V.Rose signed to Clear Sight Music.
    Her debut album, self-titled “V. Rose,” releases in stores and online on August 16, 2011. This album is an amazing fusion of Christian Contemporary, Pop & Rock. You will find current, trend-setting production and vocals along with gospel saturated lyrics.

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    Official Twitter Updates
    "@jeremieaurly: @Vrosemusic love yur voice V." __Thank u😊
    Posted by @vrosemusic on 03.29.15 | View Tweet
    Sometimes it's easier to see the light when its dark. Don't be discouraged, be Brave. http://t.co/tFp2hKukIA
    Posted by @vrosemusic on 03.29.15 | View Tweet
    RT @MOE_Movement: #Moetivs #2015 #Collection Now Available Check it out! @charismamag @LifeWay @Forever21 @Dillards @UrbanOutfitters http:/…
    Posted by @vrosemusic on 03.28.15 | View Tweet
    ♫ Today: Monahans, TX - Mar 27 at Southside Baptist Church http://t.co/wpTCtagKno
    Posted by @vrosemusic on 03.27.15 | View Tweet
    ♫ Just Announced: Chattanooga, TN - Apr 27 at Turn Up The Love Tour http://t.co/w31vjnWP1e
    Posted by @vrosemusic on 03.27.15 | View Tweet

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    v.rose... | Posted July 15, 2014
    Continuing the theme of how God loves unconditionally, “Love Pursuit,” which also features The Katinas’ John Katina on vocals, is a memorable conversation between God and a girl who doubts herself. “I think one of the greatest deceptions that Satan uses is to tell us we’re not good enough for God, and that we have to fix ourselves before we can have a relationship with Him,” V.Rose says. “But that’s simply not true. We don’t wait until we’re healthy again to see a doctor. In the same way, we have to go to God when we’re sick and struggling because He’s the ultimate Healer.” Combining her passion for people with a soundtrack that you’ll be singing along with in no time flat, V.Rose’s album is an example of how substance and style can truly—and meaningfully—co-exist, the reason V. Rose has always loved music in the first place. “Music is my love, it always has been, and that’s because it has the ability to connect with people like nothing else,” V. Rose says. “And I want to take the gift God has given me to the fullest extent and share how he’s constantly pursuing us with his love and grace.”

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    my hero | Posted April 08, 2014
    you are my hero. you are a good singer too. i love your music! i thought i know what music was but when i went with a bud of mine to one of your shows, i was amazed with your talent. again you are my hero and i love your music!

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    hkfan (1)
    I was looking for | Posted May 20, 2013
    I had been a fan of the singer JoJo since her Leave song. However I wanted to get away from her inappropriate lyrics. V. Rose gives me just that clean lyrics with the same feel of JoJo. Also my sister was able to listen to her first and she really likes her as well so it is a win win in my book.

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    Not so Average | Posted September 28, 2011
    Her song Not so average is a bright,fun and a deep reminder that indeed we all need to live..Gods way!!

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    Excellent Female Vocalist | Posted September 27, 2011
    V. Rose's music is great, but her voice is phenomenal!!

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    Tiganiki (41)
    :) | Posted September 26, 2011

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    jjeenn2 (1)
    Your awesome | Posted September 25, 2011
    You go girl! Keep spreading the message. Teenager are affected the most by peer pressure, but being yourself and trusting in God alone are messages for all generations. God Bless You!

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    a lot of potential | Posted September 24, 2011
    I would usually prefer guy rappers but this style really surprised me and found myself a fan pretty fast especially after you came to The Forks in Winnipeg, great job all around

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    LBree (5)
    V.Rose | Posted September 15, 2011
    I really like her she is really pretty and that is a good song and a good meaning to it.I liked the beat and the movie it was awesome

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    awsome | Posted September 15, 2011
    lov her music!

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