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  • "Beat of Your Heart" from G.L.O.W. (Give Love Out Willingly)
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  • "Class President" from Class President
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  • "Right Here Right Now" from G.L.O.W. (Give Love Out Willingly)
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    Blake Young who goes by the name of Young Chozen, was born November 13, 1986 in Los Angeles California. 
    Music was always a huge part of his life, writing poems and songs at 6, got his first Yamaha keyboard at 12, in High school rap battles at 16. By the time he was 18 he knew reaching people through music was something he wanted to do. 
    Growing up through divorce, molestation, street life, and many other struggles, he made a choice in 2005 to turn my life around, and now he is using his stories to help people around the world. We hope you will take this ride with Young Chozen and join him as he steps out and reach our world in a new and creative way.

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    Official Twitter Updates
    RT @airportsAU: Tomorrow!!! #SomewhereElse
    Posted by @youngchozen on 02.20.14 | View Tweet
    There is a reason you are alive. If you've got any questions I know a guy...
    Posted by @youngchozen on 02.18.14 | View Tweet
    RT @lKeepItReaI: Say no to racism. Be like a panda: They're black, white, and Asian... but not Mexican... so be like a panda holding a taco.
    Posted by @youngchozen on 02.17.14 | View Tweet
    @316mando thanks for the support fam
    Posted by @youngchozen on 02.15.14 | View Tweet
    @William_C16 thanks for the support!
    Posted by @youngchozen on 02.15.14 | View Tweet

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    NRTRAWX (70)
    (: | Posted May 26, 2013

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    :) | Posted May 15, 2013
    GReat job, man!

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    Amazing! | Posted May 12, 2013
    Its so amazing, what you do. You have such a gift to be on stage, judging by your stage presence and the joy it brings you from performing, and its so inspiring to see you use that for God and to bring more kids to Him. We honour you for what you are doing and the anointing on your life. Great stuff!

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    supersam (23)
    Cool | Posted May 11, 2013
    Cool. :)

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    tura8010 (195)
    Nice | Posted May 08, 2013
    Good to hear about you.

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    Muchas gracias! | Posted May 07, 2013
    Hey, Young Chozen!=D Thanks for your music!

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    :) | Posted May 06, 2013
    I love the music video for Beat of Your Heart!!!!

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    Evan48 (162)
    Music | Posted May 04, 2013
    Great music!!

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    Young chosen | Posted May 04, 2013

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    This is awesome! | Posted May 04, 2013
    It is really cool that he has been doing this since he was so young!

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