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  • "Jesus Only Jesus" from Above It All
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    'Revelation Song' Goes Gold
    (Tuesday, August 05, 2014)
     Phillips, Craig and Dean Artist Profile
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    Some things you do for the money. Some things you do out of obligation, responsibility or a sense of nobility. But some things you do simply because you love-love-LOVE it. You can’t imagine not doing it. It’s the joyous gift God has put in your heart that makes passionate living possible.

    For Randy Phillips, Shawn Craig and Dan Dean—Phillips, Craig & Dean—that thing is ministry through music. More succinctly put: These guys love-love-LOVE to sing about God. And way beyond the 10 albums, 18 No.1 singles and 2 million+ records sold in the past 16 years, the story of God’s grace in their lives just keeps getting bigger. The only way they could stop singing is to stop breathing, which is unlikely, because these guys just inhaled their second wind. 

    Their individual lives are steeped in local church ministry, but it’s the power of song that keeps them coming back to the studio and stage. PCD have been working hard turning up regularly to prove themselves faithful through a musical ministry that has won them scores of faithful fans, not to mention several Dove Award nominations. Known for their ability to write songs the church loves to sing, this trio brings an experience and maturity to today's modern worship movement, enhanced no doubt by their day jobs as pastors.

    While Phillips, Craig & Dean have proven themselves consistent through the years, there is also much that's new in the life of this timeless group. There is also a freshness these days to their sound, something they credit in part to producer Nathan Nockels, who has been with them throughout the entire worship trilogy. "We come from a real traditional get your part and belt it out kind of mindset," Craig explains. "Nathan was able to get us to think outside the box." As a result, the new sound is decidedly more upbeat, while at the same time inviting those who hear it to enter into worship along with them.

    "These songs are selected because people can join in with their whole hearts and sing," Phillips says. Adds Dean, "With this type of project, we go in asking, How can we draw the audience closer to the presence of God? We don't want it to be about these are great songs, but this is a great God."

    While the challenge of balancing local ministry with a music career can make life hectic at times, Phillips, Craig & Dean still have plenty left to say and a calling they still hear loud and clear. "Everybody has a calling they must be faithful to. Ours is to call the church into a closer intimacy with Jesus and we do that through our music," Phillips says. "The topics of how we should love Jesus and what He means to us are inexhaustible, and singing of His attributes is an honor that will never be exhausted."


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    shanishka (76)
    Song | Posted November 07, 2013
    "When The Stars Burn Down". Great Song.

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    rs41js44 (46)
    hello | Posted November 07, 2013

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    Woah | Posted November 05, 2013
    Wow did not realize they have been together for 20 yrs!! Good for them!

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    ofytube (75)
    :) | Posted November 04, 2013

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    :D | Posted November 04, 2013

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment

    Evan48 (162)
    Music | Posted November 04, 2013
    Great to see these 3 guys still making music!

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment
    Muchas gracias! | Posted November 03, 2013
    Hey, Phillips, Craig and Dean! =D Thank you very much for your wonderful music! My brother and I love your song "When God Ran." May God bless you a hundredfold! =D

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment

    rbrown13 (198)
    :) | Posted November 02, 2013

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    Great Songs | Posted November 02, 2013
    Powerful Worship Music one of the greatest Christian music groups of all time. Whose music actually has meaning!

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment

    edwardtay (46)
    Awesome songs | Posted November 02, 2013
    great songs there

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment
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