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    Rapture Ruckus Set To Release, Open Your Eyes
    (Saturday, August 13, 2011)
    BEC Recordings Ink Deal With Parachute Music To Bring Us Rapture Ruckus
    (Monday, March 22, 2010)
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    In its native homeland of New Zealand, electro/hip-hop/pop outfit Rapture Ruckus has no trouble selling out pretty much every show and rocking out festivals in front of tens of thousands. In fact, DVD footage of the Brad Dring-led band performing to over 25,000 fans at the venerable Parachute Music Festival made its way to BEC Recordings, who signed the high-octane act within seconds in 2010. An ensuring self-titled EP helped introduced the veteran producer/songwriter and his cohorts to American audiences, and now its first Stateside long player Open Your Eyes serves as the official culmination of the past ten years spent overseas. 
    “We’ve been going for a long time and built up our audience back home, but it’s a pretty small country with only four million people, so we got to the point where we toured as much as we could over there,” explains Dring, who’s nonetheless profusely thankful for all of that support. “Now that we’re spending so much more time in America, it’s like starting from scratch meeting new people. But we’ve got a very simple strategy and that’s to build it up organically the same way we did back home. We did 100 shows in America last year, are up to 130 this year and are always committed to taking a massive show with us wherever we go. We actually use the same production here as we would use in New Zealand, which includes a 40-foot super wide LED screen, because we want to bring our full game over here.”
    Though Rapture Ruckus’ live experience is nothing short of jaw dropping, the most important element is the music itself, which as Open Your Eyes so aptly relates, is a beat-driven blur between four on the floor dance grooves, explosive hip-hop and electronic pop, all wrapped around alternative rock attitude. While comparisons are practically impossible, remarks of reminiscence have ranged from the Black Eyed Peas to Linkin Park to Daft Punk or The Killers. 
    “If you listen to our older material, we started out as a straight up hip-hop group, but slowly evolved into more of the rock and pop side with a real British, electro glam aspect to what we do,” continues Dring. “It’s not rap and it’s not rock; it’s definitely it’s own thing. This is a full band with big ‘80s synths backed by big production both on the stage and in the recording studio.”        
    Though Rapture Ruckus self-produced much of Open Your Eyes, a scan through the new album’s credits also includes assistance from Family Force 5’s Solomon Olds and the Atlanta collective ZK Productions (Outkast, Cartel, Mayday Parade). Even Stu G, legendary guitarist for Delirious, pops up to lend his six string skills on several tracks. 
    In fact, there’s a myriad of creative fingerprints throughout the lead single “This Little Light,” an up-tempo synth rock/dance throw down about burning up the darkness through the bright light of God’s truth, along with “The Air That I Breathe,” which towers as a stadium-like anthem about complete dependence on Christ in the midst of natural disaster (such as the mighty earthquakes that recently shook New Zealand). 
    “The album is about seeing the world through God’s eyes and realizing that there’s so much out there, whether it be beautiful or painful, that we can’t see with our own eyes,” confides Dring. “The title track in particular talks about a couple of everyday stories and what people are facing behind closed doors. But even if people are going through challenges, the message is meant to be uplifting and encouraging. There’s enough people pointing fingers and our goal in Rapture Ruckus is to lift people up from their burdens and leave our show feeling like a million bucks. We want people to hear our music and go away feeling better than when they came in.”
    Much of Rapture Ruckus’ desires stem from Dring’s own period of wandering, who despite growing up in a Christian household, turned towards a more destructive lifestyle throughout his teen years. Having been diagnosed with dyslexia, high school as a whole was a sore subject, and outside of the productivity found in jazz band and his own musical explorations, most of his time was spent with drugs and drinking. 
    “God really showed up one night in the backseat of a friend’s car when I was 19 and He basically pointed out the downward spiral my life was heading down,” the born again believer relates. “He showed me where that path would lead if I didn’t change, and the next morning I found myself going to church with my mom and finally putting my life in God’s hands.”
    As a result, Rapture Ruckus’ music is literally designed to impact all audiences, from those who already know the Word and are looking for an undeniable dose of energy, to those unfamiliar with faith that are simply drawn to the group’s hypnotic beats and relatable songwriting style. 
    “We want to draw people closer to God, but we just try to be really organic and relate to people where they’re at,” adds Dring. “We don’t want to burden people down and there’s not much of an agenda other than just wanting to love on people. We’re just guys who are going through the same stuff as anybody else and we just want people to know that God loves you so much that He saved a bunch of screw ups like us.”

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    Official Twitter Updates
    Crackerbarrel. Chicken fried chicken. #myjam
    Posted by @raptureruckus on 04.18.14 | View Tweet
    Day off at the beach in Florida. Bombastic
    Posted by @raptureruckus on 04.18.14 | View Tweet
    Brilliant show tonight in Estero FL. Now few days at beach.
    Posted by @raptureruckus on 04.18.14 | View Tweet
    Our bro's @disciplerocks making new tunes. Check out their kickstarter.
    Posted by @raptureruckus on 04.16.14 | View Tweet
    Had a ball RT @crrevis1990: @raptureruckus did u have fun in Tampa at @acquirethefire??
    Posted by @raptureruckus on 04.15.14 | View Tweet

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    Good Music | Posted September 23, 2011
    I just preveiwed thier new album. I'm pretty picky about my choice in music but Rapture Ruckus turned to be actually very good. Kind of reminds me of a cross between tobymac and newsboys. Very nice, I'd love to hear more from them.

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    ragums42 (18)
    Not for me | Posted September 23, 2011
    I'm not entirely crazy about the new Rapture Rucks, but I'm sure it reaches a certain listening audience. I'm not saying that they have no heart, no ministry, or no mission, I'm just not into this. I know that God is still using them to change lives =)

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    fastbunny (43)
    Kiwi Goodness | Posted September 22, 2011
    It is great to see a Kiwi band as the featured artist. Keep up the good work bros.

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    So Much Fun! | Posted September 22, 2011
    I had the pleasure of seeing Rapture Ruckus at Creation this year. It was by accident actually, I arrived at one of the stages early, and they were on. They were so good, and so much fun! =]

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment
    Super Cool! | Posted September 22, 2011
    I love their sound. It kind of reminds me of Group 1 Crew, but they add their own twist into it. I love the single, This Little Light. I love that it takes the original short song that's usually learned in Sunday School but they add a catcy tune and make it more nowa days.

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    album is a gem | Posted September 21, 2011
    Amazing as usual from you Rapture Ruckus. Thank you for such encouraging, catchy, and infectious music. "Hold On" has helped me through many of the problems I've had (this summer in particuar). And now there are a bunch of new AWESOME songs to go with it. God bless, and keep up the good work. God does incredible things through you all. :D

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment
    Rabbit Ruckus | Posted September 21, 2011
    He looks like a rabbit and makes music like a lion.

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    Open Your Eyes | Posted September 21, 2011
    The new album sounds really great so far. My fav so far is "This Little Light," because none of the songs so far are as energetic as that one (I'm on track 4 though).

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment

    RSJFAN19 (58)
    :) | Posted September 21, 2011

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment

    danjoshy (19)
    Keep Up the Good Work! | Posted September 21, 2011
    Love your album, and may you continue to bless others with the Good News of Jesus Christ!

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