First the Dead (Bug Man Series #3), by Tim Downs Christian Book Reviews And Information

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First the Dead (Bug Man Series #3)
by Tim Downs | Genre: Fiction
Release Date: January 2008

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina all government agencies were ordered to assist with efforts to rescue those who had survived. "First the Living" was the clear mandate given to everyone--including those who were there as part of the DMORT team and whose specialty was identifying and notifying the families of the deceased. But there's a problem with that plan when forensic entomologist Nick Polchek realizes that some of the bodies he's seeing in the putrid waters flooding New Orleans were dead prior to the hurricane making landfall. Someone thought the hurricane would cover any evidence and literally allow them to get away with murder. But what are they trying to hide? And who could have been so certain that a hurricane of this magnitude?

Pages: 368
Format: Hardcover
EAN/ISBN: 1595540245
Publisher: Thomas Nelson

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A Great read! | Posted November 20, 2008
I picked this book up after reading the review of it here on NRT. I really like the authors style of writing. His characters are definitely interesting, especially Nick Polchak. I am a fan of C.S.I., most especially the original Las Vegas C.S.I. & Gil Grissom. He & Nick Polchak are very similar. I think the character Gil Grissom is actuall based on Nick Polchak.
This book puts you right in the hot soup of post-Katrina New Orleans and gives a flavorful taste of what that may have been like for the survivors & the rescue workers. It keeps you turning the pages wanting to see what's next! Being a single father I was especially drawn into the interaction between Nick & his "local guide".

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Bug Man Returns! | Posted October 28, 2008
This is a really great series and the Bug MAn NIck Polchak is a really great and eccentric character. THe Bug Man is a forenscic entomoligist who studies bugs on dead people to see when exactly the died. He is called in to help clean up bodies after Hurricane Katrina. He start noticing that some of the dead bodies are further along in the decomposition stage then they should be after the hurricane and thinks that they died before the hurricane. A great book very exciting read. I would highle recommend to fans of C.S.I. Also check out the first 2 books in the seriesSHoo Fly Pie and Chop Shop.

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