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Blessed Child
by Ted Dekker | Genre: Fiction
Release Date: March 2001

The young orphan boy was abandoned and raised in an Ethiopian monastery. He has never seen outside its walls -- at least, not the way most people see. Now he must flee those walls or die.

But the world is hardly ready for a boy like Caleb.

When relief expert Jason Marker agrees to take Caleb from the monastery, he unwittingly opens humanity's doors to an incredible journey filled with intrigue and peril. Together with Leiah, the French Canadian nurse who escapes to America with them, Jason discovers Caleb's stunning power. But so do the boy's enemies, who will stop at nothing to destroy him. Jason and Leiah fight for the boy's survival while the world erupts into debate over the source of the boy's power.

In the end nothing can prepare any of them for what they will find.

Pages: 350
Format: N/A
EAN/ISBN: 0849943124
Publisher: West Bow Press

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dirtlane (15)
Rated 5 Stars

The Faith of a Child | Posted April 09, 2008
Reading this book really gives a great picture as to what "the faith of a child" really is. All of us should have that kind of faith. Once I started reading this book, I couldn't put it down, I just needed to know how this one small boy could affect the people around him in such a profound way. "A Man Called Blessed" should definitely be read after "Blessed Child"

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pacemaker (324)
Rated 5 Stars

great book | Posted April 02, 2011
 blessed of the best books ever written. such a thought provoking book.

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Blessed Child | Posted April 08, 2008
Blessed Child is an interesting book that will truly help you understand what it is to have faith like a child. It also gives you insight into how the television industry might have an impact into your life that you might never realize. It is a very good book, but from personal experience, make sure you read it before A Man Called Blessed.

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