Swept Away (White Dove Romances), by Yvonne Lehman Christian Book Reviews And Information

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Swept Away (White Dove Romances)
by Yvonne Lehman | Genre: Fiction
Release Date: January 1998

Natalie Ainsworth is swept into a nightmare when an escaped convict kidnaps her and forces her to drive at gunpoint into the fiercely stormy night and away from Garden City. Frozen with fear and blinded by driving rain, Natalie obeys the young man's order, terrified to think of what might happen if she refuses. But as rising floodwaters close in around them, Natalie's chances of surviving the night grow ever slimmer and her greatest threat may prove far more dangerous than her abductor-.

Henry Miller meticulously considered every detail when he planned his escape from prison, but he hadn't factored in Natalie Ainsworth or the worst flooding southern Illinois has seen in decades. Suddenly, his hopes are disappearing faster than the dry roads around them, and Henry is faced with the terrible possibility that he might never reach his destination or safety. Will his growing desperation cost him and Natalie their lives?

Swallowed up in a watery world of danger-and death-.

Pages: 159
Format: Paperback
EAN/ISBN: 1556617100
Publisher: Bethany House

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