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The Final Storm
by Wayne, T. Batson | Genre: Fiction
Release Date: September 2007

Still staggering under Paragor's relentless attacks, Alleble's remaining allies flee from the four corners of The Realm to safety within the Kingdom's walls. But there is little time for Alleble to mourn before Paragor, the Wyrm Lord, and the deadly Seven Sleepers unite against the followers of King Eliam. As Alleble begins to lose hope, Paragor unleashes The Final Storm. Will anyone survive to see the dawn?

Pages: 320
Format: N/A
EAN/ISBN: 9781400310135
Publisher: Thomas Nelson

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Shannrah (11)
Rated 5 Stars

Truth within the Words | Posted November 19, 2012
 I loved this book far more than the other ones. There is truth in many of the words spoken in this book. If you just open your mind to wonders and possibilities then this book will take you to many places. I highly suggest you read the series. Although you should start with the first book. :P It would help make sense of everything that goes on in this book. 

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Prism (16)
Rated 4.5 Stars

Great! | Posted January 19, 2010
I loved this book. With plenty of excitement, lessons, and battles, this book couldn't get any better. The ending is incredible and is definitely a wonderful conclusion.

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awesome | Posted July 28, 2008
being my favorite of the three, this book is very good. it's a very powerful allegory. when i finish this book i'm always left wanting more. these books always remind me of a mix of narnia and the lord of the rings. the final storm is an awesome book.

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