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Eighty Eight by 77's  | CD Reviews And Information |

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"Perfect Blues" Lyrics [edit]
by 77's | from the album Eighty Eight

(Good evening.)

(Well, alright.)

Why don’t you get up…get up next to me?
Why don’t you get up…get up next to me?
Well, if you get up close enough to me, baby, you won’t like what you see.

Why don’t you stick around…stick around me?
Why don’t you hang out, baby, hang out with me?
Well, sooner or later you’d get sick of me, baby – sick of me, I guarantee.

Filled up with gas, lights might glow,
Wind me up, but I never ever go,
No, no, no, no, no, I won’t go,
I only got one gear, that’s reverse, baby,

Well, you can break me, you can shake me,
You won’t change me – that I know,
Well, you can break it, break it, break it, you can shake it,
You won’t change me – that I know,
I’m only one bad apple, I’ll spoiled the whole bunch,
I’m rotten to the core.

Oh, play that thing.




Oh, here I go, yeah.

Well, you keep on looking, baby,
Ain’t gonna find what you’re looking for,
Keep on looking, looking, looking, looking,
Ain’t gonna find what you’re looking for
Well, some kind of perfect man that you can worship, baby, ain’t on this earth anymore.

Oh, give it up,
Forget it, babe, it wouldn’t work,
Oh, give it up, give it up,
Forget it, babe, it wouldn’t work,
Well, you’re looking for a perfect boy or girl; well, forget it, baby, they’re all jerks.

(Thankyou. It’s great to have you all back after so many months.)

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