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Still Suffering by Klank  | CD Reviews And Information |

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"Woodensoul" Lyrics [edit]
by Klank | from the album Still Suffering

Cringe at the sight, weary with sorrow's plight,
Man's hand has scarred again, over my wooden soul,
Crucified once more; fallen down, ugly and sore,
Principality marks and chips my wooden soul.

Lies, lies, lies,
Man cannot be trusted.

My saviour bleeds,
Calloused hands with fury's need to break my wooden soul, my wooden soul,
Tear it down, this human hold,
Where's the answers I hoped to find?
Release me from the chains that bind.

Lies, lies, lies,
Man cannot be trusted.

How many times must I try?
I put my faith in you, only to be let down,
Face pushed to the ground, and no one cares.

Human hold takes it's toll,
No control, wooden soul.

Lies, lies, lies,
Man cannot be trusted,
Lies, lies, lies,
Man cannot be trusted,
Wooden soul.

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