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8 Great Hits by Phillips, Craig and Dean  | CD Reviews And Information |

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"The Concert Of The Age" Lyrics [edit]
by Phillips, Craig and Dean | from the album 8 Great Hits

The star become as lasers
And all the worlds align
Horizon to horizon
A rainbow begins to rise

Sudden sound like thunder
Come from everywhere
As the angel Michael
Kicks the countdown on the snare

Across the sea of faces
Shouts of praise begin to roll
As we see the silhouette
Of the King of heart and soul

At the concert of the age
The great I Am takes center stage
The generations stand amazed
At the concert of the age

Then a voice like a trumpet
Blows through me like the wind
Gabriel cries, "Welcome home
We're ready to begin"

We know you heard Beethoven
And the king of rock-n-roll
But on behalf of the Father
We give you the King of heart and soul


We cry "Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty"
With every note He plays


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