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"If You Wanted Me" Lyrics [edit]
by Todd Agnew | from the album Better Questions: Limited Edition CD/DVD

I'll admit I'm glad we're not disciples
Out on a lake paralyzed with fright
'Cause I'm afraid I might have laughed at Peter
Until he stepped into that stormy night

If you wanted me to walk on water
Why'd You make the solid ground seem so right?

I'll admit I'm glad I'm not King David
Ruling over everything I see
'Cause I think I've fallen for more than Bathsheba
Your creation's a temptation for me

If you wanted me to love you only
Why'd you make the moonlight sparkle in her eyes?

I'll admit I'm glad I'm not John the Baptist
In a jail cell waiting for my day to die
'Cause at least down here I know what we're chasing
And it's hard to trust Your dreams are so much better than mine

If you wanted me to die to myself
Why'd you make me fall so deeply in love with life?

If You wanted me to surrender
Why'd You make these hands able to hold on so tight?

And if You wanted me to be like You
Why'd You make me like me?

Written by Todd Agnew
©2007 Ardent/Koala Music (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved.

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