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X 2004: 17 Christian Rock Hits! by Various Artists -

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07 . Bring Me Down - Pillar
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09 . Worldwide, Two - Audio Adrenaline
10 . Running Through My Mind - Big Dismal
11 . Freedom To Feel - John Reuben
12 . Landslide - Seven Places
13 . Poor Man - Plus One
14 . Hero - Superchic[k]
15 . Numb - Tait
16 . Stay - Jeremy Camp
17 . Crash - 12 Stones
18 . Livin' It - The Cross Movement



"One Phenom (Remix) - TobyMac" Lyrics [edit]
by Various Artists - "X" Series | from the album X 2004: 17 Christian Rock Hits!

One Phenomenon, one phenomenon And it just can't be stopped ya'll We rock forever, we stop whenever We rock forever, we stop whenever We die whenever, we live forever It's a phenomenon that can't be stopped Forever, we stop whenever We rock forever, we stop whenever We die whenever, we live together It's a phenomenon that can't be stopped now Everybody out of the way It's monumental at the end of the day So come what may But it's a wonder that will never fade A marvel that will tickle the mind It's unaccountable in actual time But when we're free They will see what we were destined to be Well I'm alive and I'm enjoyin' the ride But livin' for the moment I die 'Cause when I'm done, we will run eternally as one My soul is up, up and away My body dead right where it lays I'm movin' on going gone into the new beyond This is the drama you've been waiting for A new dimension that is yours to explore Such mystery is looming at your door This is the moment I've been praying for

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