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"Love You That Much" Lyrics [edit]
by Mary Mary | from the album Mary Mary

If you tell me to go I'm gonna tell you I will, Cuz I love you that much If you tell me to stay and be still I will, Cuz I love you that much Tell me what to say even if I'm afraid I will, Cuz I love you that much It doesn't matter, whatever, whenever I will, cuz I love you that much Nowadays everybody wants to be in control Try and be leader when they've never even really followed Got no information and no direction and way too much pride When it ain't that hard to just ask the Lord to be your hide [Hook] One love and one heart, one god who gives it away Most folks they don't wanna believe that today But I'll take your love and I'll give my love all to you completely cuz I trust in you and I believe that you know what's best for [Hook] [Bridge] I will always trust in the fact that You got me in the palm of your hand Use me how you will No matter how I feel Cuz there's no way that I could know you put the sun in the sky I could know you hung the moon for the night Well that wouldn't be right so I'm saying

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