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After The Music Stops by Lecrae  | CD Reviews And Information |

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"The Truth" Lyrics [edit]
by Lecrae | from the album After The Music Stops

CHORUS: This is the Chance -You Need 2 Jump Back (Jump Back!) We got the Truth You Know You Want That (Want That!) All The Confusion You Can Dump That (Dump That!) We Reppin' Jesus 'til He Come back(Come Back!) This life is it with no skins and thicks and no sense of blood trauma We got Jesus when they feel' they think we drunkkk, dawg! All o' because we be wildin' and jumpin' screamin' now REPRESENT! Get crunk, throw it up. What's up?-Jesus! You know we reppin' Him! People called to chosen but our hearts were froze rollin' with Satan, mayne! Tryin to trust in the lust in the flesh and our eyes our pride was hatin', mayne! But our God is rich in mercy ' MERCY!- great in Lovveeee!! We were dead in sin but Christ bled for sin and that's why He raised us upppp! Now our life looks bright in the sight of-thee Al migh ty Christ paid the price It's all right -He gave His life that we-all-might be saved from our plight And wedon'thave to guess what's next when Death comes right up at our dor! We'll be excited to goooo! It's the delight of our soullllll! That's why I'm pressin' ya'lllll! Don't-be-second guessin', ya'lll! Every breath we breathe inside of heaven is a blessin', ya'll So I ain't stressin' ya'll. This is confession, ya'lll! Jesus is the Truth!! That's why me and my crew be reppin', ya'lll! (CHORUS) Right back in the cup ' What's Up? ' I'm still goin' plead my CASE ta' Godddd! Christ is the Saviour by Who's sin has been erased for ya'lllll! Okay I'm chasin ya'll but-don't-think that I'm crazy, braww! Cause there's an abundance of grace that I'd like to explain to ya'lllll! Look! Don't trippppp! What to eat what to drink 'cause you know God got thissssss! See once you know Him you're adopted innnnnnn! At this point God is your Father Call Him Abba, Pappa, Fadja! Fadja?! Fadja. Come on now! We're collected and chosen ' predestined just to behold Him Now I've got drow From my shoulders all down to my Achilles' I don't need money for-ever He'll self eternal inheritance Spiritual rags ta' riches like Beverly Hill Billies'..So I' Spend a coupla' days and been amazed me tryin ta' figure out the jist of this! God saved and forgave me I ain't have ta' work a lick for this?!! And you might just trip on this'. aside from these benefits You know the God who made us from dust and plus He'll make the change in this (body) (CHORUS) What an honor' despite the drama life has to offer We follow the Father not flirty mommas and dirty dollars So keep the comma cause REALLY we don't believe in thatttt Psychic folks and horoscopes: no! we won't be needing thattt Hey, dawg, where Jesus atttt? Cause I been fiendin', blackkkk! Ta' see His face at the Second Coming. I mean in thattttt It's cause I'm heeding' thattt called that He gave me to Learn His ways and turn and pass it on to a faithful few That's why I'm lovin'-the-life that-I'm-livin'so I could preach the Truth. Teach the youth and I pray that, God this is reaching You I'm seeking toooo explain things that may seem Greek to you God desires our satisfaction to be in Jesus, dudeee Believe me, you or believe you me just believe in this A life reflecting the glory of God you need in this In-a-moment in-a'second in-a twinkling of-an-eye All-the dead gonna rise and we gonna flyyyyy!! (CHORUS)

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