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Cloud Of Glory by 4ever1  | CD Reviews And Information |

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"In Times of Trouble" Lyrics [edit]
by 4ever1 | from the album Cloud Of Glory

I close my eyes and see You, all else just disappears.
I speak to You and feel You gently wipe away my tears.
You're the One I turn to when I'm lost and so confused.
When it seems I can't go on, feeling helpless and abused

You lift me from the darkness, and bring me to Your light.
Your joy comes in the morning, after the dark and lonely night.
But it's going through the hard times that helps my eyes to see,
all the glory goes to You, it doesn't go to me.
all the glory goes to You, it doesn't go to me.

If things were always perfect, the sun shining every day,
the flowers wouldn't bloom, they'd just wither all away.
So I thank You Lord for all the joys, but for the troubles too.
The troubles help me realize my dependency on You.

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