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Cloud Of Glory by 4ever1  | CD Reviews And Information |

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"I'll Pray For You" Lyrics [edit]
by 4ever1 | from the album Cloud Of Glory

This life can make you weary and the road can be so long.
And just when things are going right, they turn out oh so wrong.
When problems seem to flourish and they just won't go away,
Friend, remember, I am here, and I won't forget to pray.

I'll pray for you, that you are happy.
I'll pray for you, that you are good.
I'll pray for you, that God will lift you up in everything you do.
I'll pray for you.

When the world is on your shoulders and the pressure makes you fall.
I'll always help you up again and I'll be there when you call.
When people turn their backs to you; when others let you down,
just know I'll always stand by you and I'll help turn things around.

Friend, you are so good to me, but I ask one thing of you.
I hope that when I come to mind, that you'll pray for me too.

I'll pray for you, that you are doing well. I'll pray for you, that you're ok.
I'll pray for you, that God is with you now, in everything you do.
I'll pray for you, I'll pray for you, I'll pray for you, I'll pray for you.

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