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Radical History Tour by ApologetiX  | CD Reviews And Information |

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"I Know a Riddle [Parody of "I Know A Little" by Lynyrd Skynyrd]" Lyrics [edit]
by ApologetiX | from the album Radical History Tour

Well Samson, he went to go and find him a wife
He killed a lion when it threatened his life
He came back and he looked inside
A bunch of buzzin' honey bees had made it a hive
He said, "I know a riddle, I know a riddle 'bout this
I know a riddle " I've got a riddle for you. I've got a riddle for you
Baby, why don't you take a guess?"
Well, he got married and he made a feast. He gave this riddle to the Philistines
He said, "Out of the eater came something to eat
Out of the strong came something sweet!"
Well, the Philistines, they didn't understand
They said, let's get his woman; she can tell us the answer
Ooh I think that was a stupid plan
'Cause you don't wanna go and make Samson mad
You see, I know a little " I know a little 'bout him
I know a little " I know a little 'bout him
I know a little 'bout Samson -- baby, I can guess the rest
Oh, I know a little 'bout Samson ... baby, he'll bust your heads.

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