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"When We're Together (Love's So Strong)" Lyrics [edit]
by Gary Chapman | from the album Everyday Man

On the road in a thunderstorm with a load that's overdue Drivin' on in the drivin' rain till I get back home to you This west coast time is just a bit too fast for me But I'll be fine when I'm back in Tennessee CHORUS: 'Cause when we're together love's so strong I feel I could take the whole world on If it's gonna rain I don't care I can take the pain if you're there Everything is better When we're together Oh, when we're together By your side all the time I see life from a different point of view Why did I ever try getting by livin' without you My love was locked in a prison of my pride Then you knocked and and the door flew open wide Thank God you came inside (REPEAT CHORUS TWICE) Oh, when we're together When we're together I know we're gonna make it You know we're gonna make it Just as long as we can stay together When we're together

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