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To the Foundation by Christafari  | CD Reviews And Information |

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"Freedom Step" Lyrics [edit]
by Christafari | from the album To the Foundation

Citizens of Zion the Lord is calling
Calling you to freedom from your addictions today
Free, free, set them free (2X)
Chiwe babawe (3X)
Oshay baba (Thank you Father)
Chiwe babawe
Come take the freedom step
Stepping out of addiction
The freedom step
With the help of Jah's conviction
The freedom step
You're stepping out of bondage
The freedom step
Well push away from the rubbish
Freedom step
The freedom step
We're talking freedom step
This is the freedom step
Free, free, set them free
You see the man make his entrance
With a heart of repentance
He's stepping into independence
Where Jah Spirit is present
Well as a born again Christian you're stepping into the friction
But with the power of the Mighty One
You will find your freedom
Come take the freedom step
Stepping out of addiction
The freedom step
With the help of Jah's conviction
Freedom step
Stepping out of the bondage
The freedom step
Push away all the rubbish
The freedom step
Woy, come take the freedom step
Ay yow
The freedom step
Lord me take the freedom step
Come take the freedom step
We're stepping out of bondage (3X)
This is the freedom step!
Chiwe babawe (3X)
Oshay baba
Chiwe babawe
So step away from the sin that entangles your feet
And move out of the bondage over this one-drop beat
Push away from the rubbish that once tasted so sweet but it corrupt your soul and left you there upon the street /
Now you're juggling and you're struggling trying to make ends meet
You're a liar and a cheat spinning a web of deceit
Make a move before your ways them set into concrete
This is no small feat--approach the Lord's Mercy Seat!

We're stepping out of bondage (3X)
Chiwe babawe (3X)
Oshay baba
Chiwe babawe
Free, free, set them free.

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