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The Consolation of Pianissimo by Dear Ephesus  | CD Reviews And Information |

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"Boy and His Kite" Lyrics [edit]
by Dear Ephesus | from the album The Consolation of Pianissimo

strange world so odd how he sees it
pinwheel dreams chase the clouds
does he belong far away oh no
(merrily rolls down the hill singing songs he don't care)
(strolling along watching butterflies seems so at ease)
(he cried at the way that we told him no one will believe)

hey now do you see him as he flys his kite
can you relate as he skips away from you
i thought you might see something in the way he laughed
don't you feel used nothing's a speck that's in your view

flag down thoughts from the cradle he feels
happy still when in dark endless wells
dreamer full of the joy he has found
(leave away boy with your kite it just cannot be true)
(wishing him gone there's no time to be caught up in air)
(but watching him dance to the songs in his life i must stare)

oh, fly away

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