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Heart to Yours/Do You Know: Music World Master Series - Disc 2 by Michelle Williams | CD Reviews And Information |

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"It's Good To Be Here" Lyrics [edit]
by Michelle Williams | from the album Heart to Yours/Do You Know: Music World Master Series - Disc 2

Just another day's journey And I'm glad about it Got my health and strength I can shout about it Somebody didn't make it They can't testify today That's why I'm so grateful And I'm mighty well to say Chorus It's good to be here (repeat 8x's) Chorus So good Yes it is I'm so grateful So good Verse 2 Got the love of my family And all of my friends Won't take them for granted I'll always treasure them See tomorrow is not promised Enjoy life today And always remember To be thankful and say Chorus Chorus It's good to be here Good to see another day So faithful So grateful So good to be here, so good to be here I'm so happy Overjoyed To be here (oh) I'll always remember To be thankful and say (hey) So good to be here Got a smile on my face Bridge Giving honor to God Who is the head of my life So good to be here, so good to be here I want to thank him for the good The bad, the happy, the sad, the ups the downs The laughs, the frowns It feels so good (repeat 3x's) To see another day I could have been dead (uh huh) Should have been gone But you kept me here A little while longer I got all my girlfriends And all my guy friends And all my cousins Got all my family And my girls DC So good, so good to be here So Good

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