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This is Solid State, Vol 6 by Various Artists - General Miscellaneous  | CD Reviews And Information |

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"We Don't Believe - Life in Your Way" Lyrics [edit]
by Various Artists - General Miscellaneous | from the album This is Solid State, Vol 6

I am among the best and the worst of us
and aren't we all trying to put this and that in first place?
in first place
Even when we don't believe in us, we don't believe in us
We look right over the shoulder of a friend (a weakness so self-contained)
To wage a war that has no standing,
no lasting value and brutal repercussions that will leave a man alone
It's hard to negate what you've known
Putting yourself out on the line
Even when we don't believe in us
This life has a hold of me, to a place where I dare not go

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