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Alive and Transported CD/DVD by tobyMac  | CD Reviews And Information |

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"Boomin'" Lyrics [edit]
by tobyMac | from the album Alive and Transported CD/DVD

I've been around the way I've been around the block I got the keys to the city if the gates are locked And a freak like me ain't 'bout to stop I got a hand full of dreams and a heart full of God Everywhere we go they wonder where we're from Well its diverse city ya'll welcome to come It sits high on a hill you can see it for days And even if you can't you can hear our praise We go ... 'Cause we're boomin' out the stereo system This goes out to anyone listening Boomin' out the stereo system Here to rep the most high with this one Boomin' out the stereo system This goes out to anyone listening Boomin' out the stereo system 'Cause we rock for sure in stereo If you're looking to slide, come slide with us And if you're looking for a ride, it's a big old bus We got black folk, white folk and Middle East Mexican, Filipino - Jesus Freaks Got a Haitian Princess, an Aussie Mate East Coast, Midwest to left side of the states And when the bus rolls, it's out the dirty south Tennessee and we keepin' it good and loud we go I got portable sounds to lift me up Portable sounds to take me higher Portable sounds to lift me up So don't even try to get in my head

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