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Wide-Eyed And Mystified by Downhere  | CD Reviews And Information |

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"Stir" Lyrics [edit]
by Downhere | from the album Wide-Eyed And Mystified

You belong here, everyone's invited You can’t fail here, 'cause we can't fail united It's safe to be yourself here And it's time to go beyond here We’ve got life to give, So why don’t we do what we we’re saved for Come along, why don’t we stir? You know you and I could do so much more together We are the new at heart, so why don’t we stir? We are strong here, but weakness is for certain To show our love here, we share each other's burdens We don't mind, 'cause there is nothing left to fear And Love divine is calling us out from here... We are salting, lighting We refresh like raining We are love remaining And we've got...

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