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Best of Larry Norman Volume 2 by Larry Norman | CD Reviews And Information |

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"The Man From Galilee" Lyrics [edit]
by Larry Norman | from the album Best of Larry Norman Volume 2

Well, a blind man standing by the side of the road
He was blind from birth, it was a heavy load,
And though he lived a good life, he could not see,
Up walked the man from Galilee.
He touched those eyes and he made that blind man see.
There ain't never been nobody like the man from Galilee.

Lazarus died and for four long days
He laid in the grave and he did not raise.
His sisters kept saying how can this be?
Up walked the man from Galilee.
He said Lazarus come forth and he was set free
There ain't never been nobody like the man from Galilee.

You got to stand on the rock to get your name on the roll,
Do not stray or do the stroll.
If you're all messed up and don't know what to do
Then brother I'm talking to you!

Well they nailed him to the cross and they laid him in the ground,
They put soldiers at the grave and there were people walkin' round
Saying this is the end of Christianity.
When up rose the man from Galilee

When I die I know where I wanna be
Standing in the presence of the man from Galilee.
There ain't never been nobody like the man
Never been nobody like the man from Galilee.

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