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Trying To Fit The Ocean In A Cup by Josh Wilson | CD Reviews And Information |

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"Something's Got To Change" Lyrics [edit]
by Josh Wilson | from the album Trying To Fit The Ocean In A Cup

I'm thirsty, God, I'm thirsty From drinking what destroys me I'm pouring poison in my cup I'm hungry, God, I'm hungry Consuming what controls me Somehow it never fills me up We all want to find something to pass the time But that could never be enough Everybody says we're all so different But everybody knows we're all the same We're all trying to find a pill to numb the pain Something's got to change Do you remember when you Had so much hope within you It lingers deep inside you still The more of us we swallow The more we become hollow Until we don't know how to feel We all want to find something to satisfy But we could never be enough When everything we say and take just leads to war and hate We only pass the blame, sedate the pain, and move along But something feels so wrong, so deep inside, so hard to hide So desperately we try and try, and come to find that we are not what we've been loving for I can't believe I"m hearing people say that all is well I think it's time we all admit we have no good within ourselves 'Cause we are not okay, we're not alright, and we need to pray for help Forgive us for our pride, Oh God, Oh God, please save us from ourselves

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