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Can I Pray For You by Mark Bishop | CD Reviews And Information |

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"Can I Pray For You" Lyrics [edit]
by Mark Bishop | from the album Can I Pray For You

Iíve been your friend for a while.
I know youíre hiding behind that smile,
And youíre keeping inside tears that should have been cried,
Youíve been brave through this trial.
Youíve been as strong as a stone,
Against the stormy winds that have blown.
But you have friends who care, more than willing to share,
Donít face those troubles alone.

Can I pray for you?
Can I mention your name to the Lord?
When I seek His face, can I plead your case?
Thatís what praying is for.
Iíll help you carry your cross,
And find the way when youíre lost.
If weíll let Jesus be true, I know that Heíll see you through.
Can I pray for you?

I know that thereíll come a day.
When Iíll have trials and need you to pray.
Just like youíve done before, youíll mention me to the Lord,
Thatís why Iím here to say:
ďLet me be there for you.
Weíll divide all your problems by two.
And very soon thereíll be three Ė you and Jesus and me.
Thatís what friends are supposed to do.Ē

Repeat chorus

If weíll let Jesus be true, I know that Heíll see you through.
Can I pray for you?

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