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Colors and Sounds by Article One  | CD Reviews And Information |

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"Dare To Believe" Lyrics [edit]
by Article One | from the album Colors and Sounds

Not sure how to do this or where to begin
Caught up in the distance no one wins
Iím running right to you, stay where you are
I pray we make it / I canít remember, I canít forget
Where did I lose you in my head?
If thereís a chance now, to find what we lost
This time weíll find a way
Somehow, some day

I dare to believe weíre gonna make it
Weíll find a place where we can shine like the stars
Our chance weíll take it
Itís far away but thereís a light
Iíll wait for you tonight

The pictures and phrases in my mind
All come to the surface over time
Nobody can stop this, like nothing at all
Weíre automatic
Surrender the moment, bring it to life
I see my reflection in your eyes
Nothing can stop me from thinking of you
And every time I pray
Sometime, someday

Take this back to the start
Fix where it fell apart
Iíll wait for you tonight

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