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Killing Floor by Vigilantes Of Love  | CD Reviews And Information |

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"Strike While The Iron Is Hot" Lyrics [edit]
by Vigilantes Of Love | from the album Killing Floor

there's a poor man in my gutter mr three piece at my window cut to the core of the problem but he hung up the phone these days i feel so impotent these days i'm so depressed i got hate mail coming to my door via federal express one thing daddy told me and i think about it a lot he said "son you've got to strike while the iron is hot" there's a blind dog ambling down the side of the road most folk around here they drive pretty slow now i don't know whether to weep and i don't know whether to laugh but that hound dog and destiny swerved into my path my friend jonny drives a bread truck he's in love with the metaphor he's been reading lots of books about the rise and fall of culture making his observations he's got notebooks full of them and he's gonna do something drastic and i cannot say i blame him one thing daddy told me and i think about it a lot he said "son you move your head when it's on the chopping block" i went back to see my doctor see what was making me ill he said "i've seen this kind of think before something moving in for the kill you gotta go under the knife and swallow a bitter pill you know redemption don't come easy somebody gotta suffer bill" serve you right serve you right serve you right to suffer black crow been flying around my house for seven days five scarecrows in the cornfield won't make 'em go away members of the Trinity just dropped by as guests they said "enough of the pleasantries we got a warrant for your arrest" mr three piece at my window he wants me to butter up his bread he said "would i lie to you kid" well let me think about it "i don't know" i said goodness mr three piece your heart it feels like ice and that man on the corner he might be Jesus Christ

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