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"After All This Dust Settles Down" Lyrics [edit]
by Bill Mallonee | from the album Dear Life

ya need the songs of forever
all those ones about the lost and found
ya need a place with some elbow space
after all this dust settles down
after all this dust settles down

after all the towers have fallen
and all the presidents have packed up and left town
ya need a meal that's the real New Deal
after all this dust settles down
after all this dust settles down

ya need a Woman clothed with the son
you're gonna wanna girl to share your crown
ya need a lover and a little bit of cover
after all this dust settles down
after all this dust settles down

you cut yourself on dreams
it's broken glass ya can't quite escape
so you gather up the shards
and sprinkle them on magnetic tape

here's a way to say thanks
for listening while our record goes around
you've been such friends and thanks for chipping in
after all this dust settles down

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