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"Find You Waiting" Lyrics [edit]
by DecembeRadio | from the album Satisfied

Iíve heard the angels and Iíve seen the devil
Fought with the lion, stepped through the fire
Iíve been in the valley when it was dry
Walked through the desert to the other side

Iím not a preacher and Iím not a hero
My life has never been that kind
But there is one thing that I hold onto
I am Yours and Lord, You are mine

Through all these years
You have been there
Dried all my tears
And answered my prayers
I just wanna feel Your presence again
Iím down on my knees in need of a friend
And Iíll find You waiting there for me

Iíve seen a widow cry through her sorrow
And still raise her hands in the midst of it all
And Lord, Iím reminded that when I was weary
You carried me, yes, You carried me


And in the midst of a struggle
There is one thing I know, yes it is
Youíll never leave me, Youíll never let go

Iíve heard the angels and Iíve seen the devil
Fought with the lion, stepped straight through that fire


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