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The Best Yet by Switchfoot  | CD Reviews And Information |

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"This Is Home" Lyrics [edit]
by Switchfoot | from the album The Best Yet

I've got my memories They're always Inside of me But I can't go back Back to how it was I believe now I've come too far No I can't go back Back to how it was Created for a place I've never known Chorus: This is home Now I'm finally Where I belong Where I belong Yeah, this is home I've been searching For a place of my own Now I've found it Maybe this is home Yeah, this is home Belief over misery I've seen the enemy And I won't go back Back to how it was And I got my heart Set on What happens next I got my eyes wide It's not over yet We are miracles And we're not alone (Chorus) And now after all My searching After all my questions I'm gonna call it home I got a brand new mindset I can finally see The sunset I'm gonna call it home (Chorus) Now I know Yeah, this is home I've come too far Now I won't go back This is home

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