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High School Rock by The Huntingtons  | CD Reviews And Information |

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"We Don't Care" Lyrics [edit]
by The Huntingtons | from the album High School Rock

mom's yellin' get a job dad's callin' me a slob but i don't wanna work for no minimum wage i was late for class again teacher gave me detention and she said boy you better start actin' your age i wake up every single day tryin' to think up a way to get through without gettin' pushed around by you and i say woh-oh-oh-oh and you say woh-oh-oh-oh and we just don't care about that anyway woh-oh-oh-oh all the jocks think i'm a geek they beat me up 3 times a week and i couldn't get a girl to save my life my neighbor says i got no taste he thinks that my whole life is a waste this comin' from a guy that beats his wife parents are thinkin' rehabilitation principal wants to send me on a long vacation but they don't know about me it's more than what they see i'm not a teenage sickie i know that 1 and 1 is not 3

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