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Greatest Hits by VeggieTales  | CD Reviews And Information |

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"Big Things, Too" Lyrics [edit]
by VeggieTales | from the album Greatest Hits

Junior (Dave): They're big, I'm little
They go, I twiddle
Why can't little guys do big things too?

You're big! I'm little.
My head only comes to your middle
But I say little guys can do big things too!

Archibald (King Saul): Yes, but Goliath, he's ...

Junior: He's big! But God's bigger!
And when I think of Him, that's when I figure
With His help, little guys can do big things too!

Archibald: Oh, I see what you're saying!
Alright, I understand, now let's suppose that this is true
You still look rather wimpy, but I know what we can do!
Just step behind the curtain, it will only take a minute
There's a closet in the corner, and you'll like what I've got in it!

You'll find my royal armor there, don't dally, put it on!
Yes, now you'll look much bigger when the battle lines are drawn.
One more thing, I think - that's right, pick up my royal sword
It's a big one, and a beauty - the best you could afford!

Once you've got it all together, I think you will agree
You're bound to do much better if you try to look like me!

Junior: I think I should just be plain old me.

Archibald: Yes, but, have you seen Goliath? He's ... he's ...

Junior: He's big! But God's bigger!
And when I think of Him, that's when I figure

Archibald: With His help, little guys can do big things?

Junior: With His help, I know I can do big things!

Junior and Archibald: With His help, little guys can do big thing too!

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