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"Do Not Fear" Lyrics [edit]
by Thicker Than Water | from the album CANYON

We have witnessed Your power We have felt Your love
We have seen You; heard Your voice
Our hearts burned inside
Yet fear it captivates us hearts and evil collide
Weak and weary we fall down, we succumb.
But then….

We see You standing there
saying It is I
Our hope and faith are strengthened.
Do not fear

At times we sit behind closed doors huddled inside
We can not go on, can’t go out
our hope is gone
Yet fear it captivates us
hearts and evil collide
Weak and weary we succumb
But then...

When we were trapped by our fear and forced to hide
Close ourselves to the world we will not go outside
When I think of this through the years
You come into our lives and wipe away our fears
I will not fear

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