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Rhythm, Chord And Melody by The Reign of Kindo  | CD Reviews And Information |

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"Breathe Again" Lyrics [edit]
by The Reign of Kindo | from the album Rhythm, Chord And Melody

Snow in the air, as it rides the winter breeze Crystals of ice are hanging from the trees The morning of Christmas has arrived in its due time The children are waiting, their joy becomes mine We march down the stairs and into the other room The lights shining bright on the tree for all to view The window is shattered and the presents are all gone And the cries of my children wrote this song I swear, when I get my hands on him He'll never breathe again. I won't stop tearing him limb from limb He'll never breathe again. I get in my car to chase the only set of tracks A gun in my hand and a bag in the back Deep in the slums, I saw him with their toys My gunshot rang out, But the snow absorbed the noise. I bagged up his body and I threw it in the car With all the toys that he'd carried oh so far Now that I've got my hands on him, I can breathe again Finally, I've rid the world of him and I can breathe again Back at the house all my children were so sad But when their presents return, then not but joy, They'll surely have I drove to the river and I threw the body in No one else will be paying for his sin Something screaming inside me Says that I can breathe again Judge me all that your hearts desire, But I can breathe again.

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