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Better Questions by Todd Agnew | CD Reviews And Information |

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"Funny" Lyrics [edit]
by Todd Agnew | from the album Better Questions

It's funny how a big ol' fish can hear Your voice
Find one man in the whole ocean and swallow him whole
Because You said so
It's funny how a little plant can hear Your voice
And grow as big as a tent to give that man a home
Because You said so

And You speak to me all the time
And I can't obey You to save my life

Well, I can but I don't, and I want to but I won't
And I don't do what I want to
I do what I don't mean to
And I'm confused
It's funny how a fish can obey You but I can't

It's funny how the bright ol' sun can hear Your voice along its way
Stop in the middle of the sky for an entire day
Because You said so
It's funny how a donkey can hear Your voice
And talk instead of bray to set Your child on His way
Because You said so

And You speak to me all the time
Lighting my path with Your words of life
But I can't obey You no matter how hard I try

It's funny how a fish can obey You
How a plant can obey You
How the sun can obey You
How a donkey can obey You
Seems like everything can obey You, but I can't

Written by Todd Agnew
2007 Ardent/Koala Music (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved.

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