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How The Lonely Keep by Terminal  | CD Reviews And Information |

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"Maps" Lyrics [edit]
by Terminal | from the album How The Lonely Keep

I don't mind if we never make it To where we're headed, As long as we don't end up here We need to find our own way Believe in something we have made We're making good time Remember where we were last year? Driving all around this tired town, Looking for something to do, And telling ourselves... We need to find our own way, Believe in something we have made We need to find our own way Believe in something we have made So many times I've dreamt of normal life Seeing her at night, And what it must feel like To wake up in my bed, no ringing in my head Yeah, it's been some time If we stop now, We'll never know What the world could be, Where this could go Called home to say I'm doing better Think I've finally may have myself together

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