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Become What You Believe by Last Tuesday  | CD Reviews And Information |

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"The Stand" Lyrics [edit]
by Last Tuesday | from the album Become What You Believe

(Come on down and make the st-and) Oh I have been out searching with the black book in my hand And Iíve looked between the lines that lie on the pages that I tread I met the walking dude religious, with his worn down cowboy boots He walked liked no man on Earth I swear he had no name (had no name) I swear he had no n-ame As I crawled beneath the searchlights looking through the floorboards of this life I met doctor Strangeloveís cousin he bore the marks of time Hey trashcan where you going boy Your eyes are feet apart Is that the end, youíre carrying shall I play the funeral march (play the march) Play the funeral m-arch ~Chorus~ Come on d-own and meet your Maker Come on d-own and make the stand Come on d-own, come on down And make the st-and When I looked, out, the window on the hardship that had struck I saw the seven phials open the plague, claimed man and son Four men at a grave in silence with hats bowed down i-n grace A simple wooden cross it had no epitaph engraved (it had no) It had no epit-aph engraved Come on d-own and meet your Maker Come on d-own and make the stand Come on d-own, come on down Come on down, and make the st-and Roll out the red carpet Come bugler sound the horn The hero is returning Come welcome him to his home Donít say I didnít warn you This prophecyís coming true The cavalry is thundering Riding over the hill Riding over the hill (Come on d-own and meet your Maker) (Come on d-own and make the stand) (Come on d-own, come on down) ~Chorus~

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