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Let The Road Pave Itself by Phillip LaRue | CD Reviews And Information |

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"All I Want" Lyrics [edit]
by Phillip LaRue | from the album Let The Road Pave Itself

Donít tell me you're not beautiful
Donít lie to yourself like that
Look in my eyes all I see is lovely

So let me climb over the walls of your heart
The ones you built up arenít tall enough to stop
Nothingís gonna stop me now

Thereís no place to move no place to run
No place to hide away from love
Youíre all I want now

So stop running against the wind
Stop fighting a fight you wonít win
And let me in
Iím gonna make you feel beautiful

Cause I donít care about the scares on your soul
I donít care about your past so let it go
Look in my eyes itís time

Thereís no place to move no place to run
No place to hide away from love
Youíre all I want now
So donít let this go and pass you by
Itís time to let your heart decide
You know youíre all I want now

I am reaching for you will you reach back to me
I am longing for you are you longing for me

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