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Live Bootleg by Rez (Resurrection Band)  | CD Reviews And Information |

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"Playground" Lyrics [edit]
by Rez (Resurrection Band) | from the album Live Bootleg

Go on kid get out of here
You're just in my way
I don't see you I don't hear you
Nothing that you say
I'm too busy living my life
You just drag me down
Here's a dollar, maybe two
Now go find something else to do

I see them every day
With holes all in their clothes
Dirty faces, matted hair
Snot running from their nose
I wonder what they had to eat
I wonder where they sleep
Glue bags, porn, and suicide
The devil sells you cheap

Little children in the streets
All day, all day
I wonder where they play
All day, all day

Behind the velvet curtains
Kids act out what they've seen
All caught up in TV shows
And fashion magazines
I wonder when they talk to dad
I wonder what he'd say
If he knew Jill was pregnant
And little Jack was a gay

They say God lives in the sky
Does he really care?
Maybe he's got lots to do
Don't want us in his hair
But I can tell you firsthand
He took me in his arms
God don't beat his children
Or leave them all alone

Resurrection Band - BOOTLEG LIVE - 1984
Music: Glenn Kaiser, Jim Denton and Stu Heiss
Lyrics: Glenn Kaiser and Jon Trott

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