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Life Is Beautiful by Press Play  | CD Reviews And Information |

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"One Life" Lyrics [edit]
by Press Play | from the album Life Is Beautiful

Iíve got only one life To make my dreams reality When all my tomorrows are in my face theyíre haunting me Iím sorry I ever let a day go by Iím sorry for ever saying this simple life someday When my life is over and I read through my own review The meaning of my life with no regrets No questions why No sorrys for all the things i could have made No sorrys I gave it all I didnít say someday Chorus: Iíve got one life to live this life Iíve got on try to get it right Iíve got one try to change a life Iíve got one life one life My somedayís have come and gone My somedayís before me now My todays why im alive Iíve got one life one life Verse 2: This is that moment To push through my unopened doors While my heart is beating Life can pass me by no more My somedayís itís not a wish or make believe My somedayís it is today its waiting for me

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